Jonette Crowley and the year of Activation – 2018



Jonette Crowley

Back in Copenhagen April 2018
13. 14. and 15. of April

Price all 3 days: kr. 4350,-

Opening Your Quantum Brain:
Evolving into an Awakened Human

Price kr. 1600,-

“For spiritual growth you must first activate your heart, then your brain, and finally your DNA.”

For the past year Jonette has been studying the brain changes necessary for us to get to the next step of our spiritual evolution. She has worked with doctors who have studied her enhanced brain waves. During this workshop Jonette transmits instantaneous brain activations that create measurable right brain opening in all who are present.

Our goal in this one-day class is to teach you to open your creative, intuitive and wholistic right brain and to build a permanent bridge across both hemispheres. This gives you the experience of whole brain coherence, all part of evolving your ‘Quantum Brain.’ At this level your mind learns to process holistically, holographically, and beyond time/space— in short, your brain becomes a fully functioning partner in your spiritual evolution, as it was always meant to be.

  • You have greater access to KNOWING
  • You experience whole-brain coherence
  • You trust yourself to a higher degree
  • You become more interconnected to Nature and the higher realms
  • You begin to transcend what seemed to be issues before



Beyond the Matrix— Skills for Breakthrough Consciousness
14. and 15 th april – 2 day workshop

Price:kr. 3100

Powerfully guiding you to YOU.  Are you willing to grow beyond your mind’s ability to understand what has happened?”

Humanity has finally reached the point where we can use our well-tuned consciousness to travel into the quantum field of all potentials. We navigate the highest dimensions to find ourselves beyond the matrix of limitations, even beyond space/time itself. It is here that you can evolve your heart, mind, body, and life; ultimately opening the space for all humanity to evolve into the the new human— ‘Homo Luminous.’

You realize yourself as a quantum being having an earthly experience. Now you can truly be aligned to the highest and best potentials for yourself and all of humanity!

Before her Australian spiritual tour this October, Jonette was shown a dark or ‘false matrix’ around the Earth. This has served to limit us, keeping us in fear and conflict; unable to reach the love and light that was our original destiny. Jonette prayed for a way to unhook this dark matrix to reach the true Matrix of Light or Crystalline Matrix beyond.

Then in a cave sacred to the Aboriginals in the remote center of Australia, she received the ‘Grandmother Codes.’ The next day at Uluru these Codes were activated. These are creation codes from the stars; energy packets that hold mankind’s original, unaltered DNA. This original template silently reconfigures your DNA, enabling you to connect to a higher world, accessing a part of you that has always been beyond the veil. You know yourself as a portal of the divine matrix on Earth.

Jonette and MARK are working now with the 10th dimension— Relativity…the relationship to you and all things.  They are always experimenting in these workshops, bringing you leading edge activations and initiations that take you into realms that have only been accessible in the ancient mystery schools.

  • You receive the ‘Grandmother Codes’
  • You practice bringing your intentions into form
  • You understand the Quantum Field that surrounds you and how to fine-tune it
  • You have access to energy and knowledge that has previously been held only by a few
  • You experience yourself more and more beyond limitations, in a world of light and love

Jonette, channeling the cosmic teacher MARK, has been on the leading edge of consciousness exploration since 1989. She channels complex frequency fields that can give you an immediate experience of unity consciousness, love, and ecstasy. These frequency fields entrain with your own crystalline light body, updating your electromagnetic bio-fields. This gives you access to the energies and wisdom of the highest realms. You can literally feel the realignment and the life force energy running through you.

Jonette Crowley bruger sine gaver som Oracle, hendes evner som shaman, og hendes kosmiske viden som  Kumara til at bringe gennem en indvielse, der åbner de nyeste Solar koder i din DNA. Fra det din egen åndelige belysning vil blive øget, og vi kan tage fat på frygt, vrede, sorg og offerrolle bevidsthed, der har holdt os alle små.

 Hvad er Soul Body fusion?  Soul Body Fusion.  Tryk på link og læs om Jonettes rejse med Soul Body Fusion.

Få en session med Jonette Crowley på link.

Jonette: Most of us have beautiful souls and light bodies but are unable to bring it fully into our physical body. We live our life with our lights half on, unable to magnetize the health, wealth and well-being that is our birthright. The frequency of our soul and the frequency of our body are more often than not, misaligned. We might experience resistance between the two, or outright conflict and disassociation. This occurs because of life’s traumas, abuses, grief and disappointments. Our soul longs to be somewhere else and our body stumbles along without the full power and presence of our spirit.
Can you imagine how it will feel to have the frequency of your Soul and Body fully and permanently joined together, as they are meant to be?

Experience this remarkable process for yourself with Jonette Crowley. The most exciting part is that in addition to experiencing the Soul  Body Fusion™ yourself, you will learn how to do this on others!

We are so very excited about the possibility of helping ourselves and others really, really belong to our bodies. We’ve had AMAZING results in our sessions so far!!



What a messe!
Køb bogen hos Psyke og Sjæl  

Ørnen og kondoren - Crowley, Jonette

Køb bogen her

Jonette har besøgt Danmark siden 2010 og har mange følgere her i Danmark ligesom hun rejser rundt i hele Europa og besøger hellige steder som hun bliver  anvist til at besøge via sine guider.

Se her galleri fra hendes besøg i Danmark







Hun har også skrevet bogen Ørnen og kondoren som er en bestseller overalt i Europa.
Mange mennesker har oplevet store transformationer igennem Jonettes guidede rejser og Soul Body Fusion.