2022: Jonette Crowley er tilbage i København. Workshop Juni 24th.

Jonette Crowley kommer til København Fredag d. 24/6 2022.

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Inspiration—Living a Higher Purpose
A reunion with Jonette Crowley channeling MARK
Covid has stripped away our old normal. Now war is stripping away our certainty. 
What we yearn for is a higher sense of purpose individually and collectively.
Fears and old patterns have kept us small and afraid. We are called now to live from a higher level of inspiration. Through channeled meditations and a group activation Jonette and MARK guide you to step beyond your remaining blocks to recognize who you truly are.
Be inspired.
Be inspiring.
Jonette and MARK have been working for the past few years in what is known as the 11th Dimension—Shamballa Consciousness. Specifically the work now is about the new Alchemy of bringing the highest frequencies into our bodies, so that we can ascend out of the wheel of karma. 
We have choices that have never before been available.
“What is different now is that your frequencies can move into divine grace. 
There is a sense of beingness that radiates from you in all directions.”  MARK
“In the past months I have seen people step magnificently into Enlightenment. 
It is an unprecedented time of Re-union with Allness.” Grandmother Jonette”


Copenhagen, Friday, June 24, 
10:00 – 18:00 (registration at 9:30)
Price: 1495,-  DKK
Location: Valby Kulturhus 5. SAL, LOKALE 1 – Valby Kulturhus Valgårdsvej 4-8 – 2500 Valby
Contact: Betina Ekman
Send besked til mig på kontakt formularen, lige nedenunder.
 – 61 55 25 58 
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 Jonette Crowley. 

København fredag d. 24. juni
Glæd dig!